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Analogue Press

The Analogue Press is a small press publisher of comic books. Based in the North East of England, we aim to showcase the best in local and national talent. We are dedicated to producing beautifully designed comics with the highest possible production values.

Our first publication is Radio On, an annual anthology of graphic storytelling based loosely around the theme of music, and we've just released our third Broadcast.

We'll be stocking all three Broadcasts of Radio On, as well as publications and prints from our friends and contributors.

Jeff Anderson

Jeff Anderson was an artist for Judge Dredd and 2000AD.  In the 1980s, he worked for Marvel UK as an artist on the UK line of Transformers' comic books.  First as an inker, but later also as a penciller. He has released the graphic novels 'The Shadow's Edge' and 'The Cutting Edge' and two volumes of Riddler’s Fayre.  He spent nearly five years adapting the Bible to a graphic novel in 'The Lion Graphic Bible' in cooperation with writer Mike Maddox. During the last year he has just completed an adaptation of the New Testament which will be published later this year.

Yomi Ayeni

Yomi Ayeni is an award winning Transmedia creator, producer, filmmaker, and storyteller. His current project - Clockwork Watch - is a retro-futurist Steampunk / Victoriana story told across graphic novels, interactive theatre, online, and film. The story has so far spawned several graphic novels, immersive live events, exhibits at the Scottsdale Civic Library (Arizona), Royal Observatory (London) and a fictional online Victorian newspaper. 


Yomi believes in mapping his stories to everyday life, and creates experiences that get his audience get close to the heart of the narrative. He is one of a few writers involved engaged in bringing a multicultural slant to the Steampunk genre, by exploring Victoriana outside the Great Britain. 


Clockwork Watch is set in the Steampunk genre, at a time when mechanics is the most important technology in the world. When British society is promised something new, Her Majesty’s Government appoints a group of esteemed scientists to create a brighter future. They look to an Indian visionary for help. Chan Ranbir, Master Kineticist at Calcutta University – a man with dreams of a clockwork world. 


Things soon go awry, the when lifelike clockwork servants created to do society’s bidding gain sentience, and demand their civil rights.

Hannah Berry

Hannah Berry is an almost-award-winning graphic novelist, writer, illustrator, occasional lecturer and editorial gun-for-hire, regular tutor for the Arvon Foundation and one-time Online Writer in Residence for Booktrust. Her critically acclaimed first graphic novel Britten & Brülightly was published by Jonathan Cape in 2008, with subsequent editions in the USA, Italy, Holland, France and Serbia. The French edition was chosen as part of the official selection for the 2010 Angoulême International Comics Festival. Her second graphic novel Adamtine was published in 2012 and she is currently working on a political satire, Livestock, both published by Cape. She has also contributed to numerous publications, including La Villa sur la Falaise, Hoax: Psychosis Blues (with Ravi Thornton), IDP:2043 (with Pat Mills), and Above the Dreamless Dead.

Castle Rock

Castlerock is the home of Edinburgh comic creator Bob Turner. Self publishing since 2014 Bob has recently completed his mini series DTHRTL (death rattle) a brightly coloured wordless epic poem.




Darryl Cunningham

Darryl Cunningham is a cartoonist and writer. He worked as a health care assistant on an acute psychiatric ward - an experience which inspired his book Psychiatric Tales (Blank Slate).

His book, Science Tales published by Myriad Editions, was shortlisted for Best Book, British Comics Awards 2012. Science Tales takes on the controversies surrounding climate change, electro-convulsive therapy, the moon landing, the MMR vaccine, homeopathy, chiropractic, evolution, and fracking.
Supercrash (Myriad Editions) shortlisted for Best Book, British Comics Awards 2016, is a comprehensive explanation of the 2008 banking crisis. What happened, who was responsible, and how they got away with it.
His next book, Graphic Science: Seven Journeys of Discovery, is out from Myriad Editions in October 2017.


The Art of Drew X

The Art of Drew X is where you can find all things monsterous and villainous! Drew has been creating diabolical doodles since he was knee high to an orc, and has never looked back!
As well as selling prints and original art, Drew does commissions and quick sketches on the day, so if you want something ask him!

Nigel Dobbyn

Nigel Dobbyn has been working as a comic strip artist and illustrator since 1988 on titles such as 2000AD, Sonic the Comic, the Beano as well as publishers such as DC, Dark Horse, Eaglemoss, Arcturus Press and Classical Comics. Nigel has been involved in all aspects of comic book production - pencils, inks, colour, lettering as well as script writing - and also have extensive experience of illustration and graphic design in a wide variety of styles. Some of Nigel’s most recent work includes the comic strips ‘Goblin Princess’ for Redan's Sparkle World magazine and Ace Trucking Co. for 2000AD as well as Walker Books' 'Nightrise' graphic novel and ‘The Cthulhu Colouring Book’ and ‘The H. P. Lovecraft Activity Book’ for Arcturus Press.

University of Sunderland,


City Campus,

Chester Road,

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Nearest Mainline Station: Sunderland

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Saturday June 3, 2017

10.00am - 5.00pm

Admission Free


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